Janet Kininmonth

Working from her home studio and workshop in Batemans Bay, Janet creates her glass pieces in a kiln heated up to almost 800 C. At a slightly cooler temperature, gravity will start to slump melting glass, over or into a mould; while at the higher temperature glass can fuse together to create brilliant, multi coloured pieces. She says, “I love working with the rich, fluid nature of glass, capturing its ‘free flowingness’, and at a moment in time”.  Basically a practical person Janet creates work emphasising functionality and geometric type designs. This is apparent in the cool, clean forms and purity of colour of the small bowls, larger platters, clock faces, jewellery and accessories which make up most of her collection.  But sometimes the imaginative side of her creative process takes over.  In a recent exhibition she presented illuminated ‘aquarium’ pieces emulating the forms of plant and animal life found on local underwater reefs and the seabed—including seaweeds, algae, shells, starfish, and sea urchins. Even as a child Janet was fascinated with glass.  She says, “I used to love watching glass blowers in the shopping malls making those miniature animals.”  Originally from the South Coast, Janet returned from 30 years in Canberra to live in Batemans Bay, just two years ago with husband Steve and is enjoying her new environment.


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