Maggie Brennan

I have always loved to play with art and have been painting on and off since high school. I have never been able to make this a full time occupation, and hope, one day to paint whenever I just “feel like it”.

Initially painting in oils in high school university years, but only as a hobby, and kept drawing and sketching on the backburner for many years.

After moving to Batemans Bay in 2000, I discovered pastels and started lessons with Grace Paleg. The gorgeous colours of pastels and their versatility is so appealing, and I painted with pastels for years after, amassing a huge collection of colours on the way.

Wanting the immediacy of pastels in paint, I discovered that acrylics could do the job of oils, dry quicker than oils, and had so many ways of application, that with the help of Laurie Phillips, I swapped to using acrylics.

My process is to make a coloured ground and then work my way in to the painting. I tend to paint a semi abstract subject, never sure what the outcome will be when I start.

My paintings have found their way into homes in Sydney, Canberra and the South Coast, and have won some prizes there as well.

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