Natalie Cartwright

Natalie Cartwright is from Melbourne, Victoria, is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture
(Curtin University) and is primarily self-taught, working in acrylics, pencil and pastel.

Natalie was drawn to the visual arts from childhood with visits to Melbourne galleries instrumental in shaping her desire to engage in creative expression.

Her influences and inspiration are drawn from multiple sources including: German Expressionism, art deco, 1950s atomic design, social realism, and Australian art from the 1930s and 1940s.

Her work explores themes of metropolitan life, still life, and interiors complemented by strong colour and dynamic brush work. After working full-time in both Canberra and Melbourne over the past two decades in Commonwealth and State government, Natalie moved to South Coast New South Wales in 2017.


• Work exhibited at the Montague Art and Craft Society Easter Exhibition.
• Finalist entrant for the South Coast New South Wales River of Arts Art Prize.

• Work exhibited at the Creative Arts Batemans Bay Arts and Craft Exhibition.
• Representation at The Gallery, Mogo, South Coast New South Wales.

Figure 1: I am the cat who walks by himself
Figure 2: The Nightwalkers


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