Noelene Gibbs

I’ve always been interested in textiles from when I was a teenager my interest in sewing began way back, Mum had a very ancient treadle sewing machine and with her help I made my own clothing, full circular skirts, peasant blouses, just the thing for local dances.

From that start my interest in textile evolved into other areas, developing into quilting which I did for many years making quilts for all the family.

My passion as a textile Artist now is eco dyeing & printing without chemicals,it’s very safe personally & safe for the environment. This aspect of my art is extremely important to me.

Unwrapping a bundle, the reveal as it’s called is like Xmas your never quite sure what foliage is going to produce what, so much depends on what time of year you gather the leaves, where they come from , dry conditions or wet weather, all have an effect on the result.

Working with Indigo is a little more predictable, but just as exciting.

I love working with the protein fibres, wool & particularly silk, as delicate as silk is to feel it’s a extremely strong fibre. I also love the softness and draping qualities of cotton voile, it responds well to both eco printing & indigo dyeing.

Another passion is making jewellery, I source my beads from overseas I particularly like Jasper a wonderful stone that comes in many colours. Red jasper in the stone of health & passion. Just love it.

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