Pam Edwards


With a background in computer graphics and marketing, Pam has been painting full time for aproximately 18 years.  Predominately a mixed media painter, she was a finalist in the 2014 Basil Sellers Art Prize on the South Coast.

Her work is often described as abstract realism - she enjoys the challenge of employing abstract ideas to capture the essence of the subject, while at the same time, allowing the viewer to see elements of realism.  She uses inks, acrylics, collage pieces, texture and pen and ink when she paints and experiments with different techniques in order to achieve the desired effect.

Being an intuitive painter Pam loves the painting process in itself and paints from her imagination allowing the painting to evolve.  She often uses inspiration from word associations and events and sometimes gets the title of a work long before she starts the painting.

Pam has been fortunate during her painting years to have been mentored and tutored by some talented artists on the South Coast and has won numerous prizes for her art.

She likes to emphasise controlled drama in her work and says, “If art doesn’t find you at an early age, you find art later in life”.

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