Robert Creed

As an integral part of my Architectural Degree, I was tutored in art by Lloyd Rees and Roland Wakelin, both giants in the Australian contemporary art scene.

I was schooled in the classical skills of observation and sketching from plaster casts and then, eventually landscapes and buildings.

The most cherished moments were the long talks over coffee and finger buns about the social responsibilities of artists and architects, principally as mirrors to society, reflecting the realities of existence on all its levels.

Rollin Schlicht, the Architect / Abstract Painter was my tutor for my thesis on Art Galleries as he was the designer of the Central Street Gallery at that time.

After my architectural training I undertook courses in Industrial Design, to understand the technology of design and photography with John Cato in Melbourne to learn how to “see”.

This was a time of medium exploration, namely print making, live model sketching, lino cuts and to a lesser degree painting.

It was a time when I travelled extensively over 15 years visiting over 55 countries and living overseas for a total period of 10 years, where photography became my prime method of expression.

During this time in Asia, I designed stage sets for three plays in Singapore for leading Australian and Singaporean directors, photographed Chinese Opera for an audio visual and photographic exhibition in the Chinese Gardens in Sydney.

Upon returning to Australia, I attended sculpture courses at Willoughby Workshops with Ian Shaw and exhibited.

During this period, I also had three solo painting exhibitions in Balmain, Glebe and Auckland NZ, together with two company painting contracts for office fit outs, one in Melbourne, the other in Sydney, both consisting of contracts for 14 paintings.

As a continuation of my search for mastery over a medium, oil painting beckoned.

I attended Charlie Shead’s oil painting class, which developed my understanding of the media in a historical and technical sense, learning the techniques of the masters.

Charlie also taught that your own artistic development was closely linked to personal honesty and your own development as a human being.

There can be no greater challenge.

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