20th Anniversary of The Gallery Mogo

20th Anniversary of The Gallery, Mogo
Picture essay - The Little Gallery that Grew

On the last Friday in August, CABBI members and friends were welcomed to Mogo by Director. Laureen Phillips to toast the twentieth anniversary of The Gallery and inspect the refurbishment of the exhibition space.

Speaking ‘off the cuff,’ founding member Sheryl Miller acknowledged the hard work of people such as the original Gallery Convener Rhonda Lenon and then Barbara Stewart, and many others in establishing an outlet for the creative work of local artists.

Happy Artists - Assembled in the expanded exhibition space for easel paintings and quality craft, the evening crowd included many original gallery members.

Sheryl Recalls Beginnings -  Sheryl Miller describes the exciting adventure and team effort involved in setting up the original Wattlebark Gallery in Batemans Bay twenty years ago and the many changes that have taken place as it relocated to Mogo and took on the new name of ‘The Gallery’.

Shirley Goodhew toasts the evening - Age has never been a barrier for ninety year old Shirley Goodhew. Fresh from her first solo exhibition at the BAS, Shirley raises a glass of red to celebrate The Gallery’s 20th anniversary.

Current Featured artist Mel Reidy - stands in front of two of her brilliantly coloured artworks,

‘Water Spirits’ (top) and ‘The Waiting’

Current and Past Presidents put their heads together - New CABBI President, Robert Creed joins with Sheryl Miller to discuss the state of affairs in the Eurobodalla art scene.

Flowers for Laurie - In appreciation of all her hard work in making the evening a success, Laureen Phillips was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

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